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Growth of Enterprise through Continuous Challenge and Innovative Research

We strive to develop technology and improve service quality with the belief that all equipment, parts and services always should be the best.

R&D Corporate
Affiliation Institution

PJP TECH R&D Corporate Affiliation Institution focuses on research and development in order to quickly respond to newly developed next-generation processes and products. We are engaged in various research activities to improve the performance and quality of equipment and components and provide economic support continuously.

We are striving for the maximum research and development effect with a dual organizational structure and steadily increasing the number of development-oriented researchers. We will increase corporate value by securing domestic and international patent applications and intellectual property rights through such research and development, we will develop corporate value and next-generation businesses.

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    Full Support for research personnel

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    Maximizing innovative Research achievements

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    Increasing product and Corporate value
    related to Patents and intellectual
    Property rights